Dorset Police funding cuts - Muriel Turner speaks out

Figures just announced by government show that core funding for police budgets will not be increased from last year. Taking inflation into account, that means Dorset will face a real-terms cut of £1.26m.

Local Police and Crime Commissioners will be forced by government to raise the police precept in their areas, which the Liberal Democrats have branded a "stealth council tax rise."


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Is government taking all of us for fools?

Here at Bournemouth Liberal Democrats we normally confine our headline stories to local issues and allow national stories to appear at the bottom of our homepage. Today, however, we are utterly stunned at the conduct of Theresa May's Government in the current Brexit negotiations process.


It has become abundantly clear today that David Davis has misled Parliament over the very existence of the much-discussed Brexit impact assessments. Liberal Democrats have, therefore, called for these assessments to be carried out as a matter of extreme urgency.

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Bournemouth Liberal Democrats have been shocked by the numbers of school exclusions revealed by a recent freedom of information request.*

“Now that most of Bournemouth’s schools are academies, we were interested to find out if there had been any change in exclusion rates in our schools.” Said Phil Dunn, Lib Dem spokesman for Bournemouth West.

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Tories complacent over surge in Rough Sleeping

The number of rough-sleepers on the streets of Bournemouth has surged over the last two years despite Council Leader, John Beesley claiming that housing was his “number one priority.

In the years from 2012 to 2016  to number of people sleeping out on our streets has soared from just 10 to 39 (after hitting a peak of 46 in 2015).

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Tories preside over homelessness scandal

Bournemouth has made national headlines today for all the wrong reasons.

The Tory council's disgraceful policy of deporting rough-sleepers has exposed a callous disregard for the needs of homeless people in the area.

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No more fantasy figures, Mr Hunt!

Public and NHS staff are tired of Jeremy Hunt's empty promises 

Responding to Jeremy Hunt's speech at Conservative Party conference today, Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Norman Lamb said:


“The public and NHS staff have grown tired of these empty promises.

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Bournemouth Conference 2017

Bournemouth has played host to another record-breaking conference this month. With thousands of members from across the country having their say on the future direction of the party, Bournemouth's two parliamentary spokesmen were front and centre in a number of debates.

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Government must take financial instability warnings seriously

Commenting on the warnings from Sam Woods, chief executive of the Prudential Regulation Authority, of a 'cliff edge' for financial systems, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said:

“The warnings from the financial regulator have to be taken seriously. He has no political axe to grind. And the Bank of England has to be on guard. The 10th anniversary of the beginnings of the banking crisis is a reminder of what happens when warnings of financial instability are not taken seriously enough.

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Labour leadership must end infatuation with Venezuela

Responding to Jeremy Corbyn's statement on Venezuela, leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said:

"Labour have again failed to condemn President Maduro as he slides his country closer to dictatorship. It remains a source of fascination that the far left see what is happening in Venezuela as some kind of role model for British politics.

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King call for Brexit Plan B - Cable responds

Vince Cable has responded to calls by Mervyn King, former governor of the Bank of England, for the government to come up with a "Brexit fallback" if negotiations with the EU27 end with no deal.

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