School parking

30 Nov 2023
badly parked cars outside school

Councillor Adrian Chapmanlaw is one of the Lib Dem Councillors for the ward of Alderney and Bourne Valley.

He received an  email from a resident about the parking near Talbot Primary School in Talbot Rise. The roads directly next to the school have single yellow lines which disallow parking during pickup and drop off times.

Adrian visited the school during a pickup time and this is his report:-

"On the day I visited coincidently the parking team were also in attendance.

I was shocked by the amount of illegal parking I witnessed. I went back the following week hoping the enforcement had an affect but unfortunately illegal parking was still prevalent despite numerous spaces in the carpark.

The illegal parking also slowed the ingress and egress of cars from the carpark which just makes things worse.

Talking to other residents with children at other schools in the ward, illegal parking seems to be an incredibly common issue which endangers our kids.

Please park legally, the restrictions are there for the safety of your children.

If you can, please walk or cycle to the school. I know this isn't always possible but even if it's just one day a week it will help greatly with congestion, pollution and safety.

If you must drive, then always park legally. Why not park a little bit further away from the school and walk the rest.

We are investigating the possibility of introducing more school streets but need volunteers to help run them".

You can find out more about School Streets on the Council website at School Streets (