Women in Northern Ireland have rights too

PM has responsibility to women in Northern Ireland


Speaking ahead of the emergency debate today in the House of Commons on Northern Ireland's abortion law, Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine said: 

“Women in Northern Ireland are now the only women across the UK that are denied their fundamental right to choose. It is simply appalling that abortion is still treated as a criminal rather than a medical issue in 2018.

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Volunteer Press Officer required

Are you a budding journalist or do you have press experience you'd like to put to good use in support of Bournemouth Liberal Democrats?

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Javid must back up words with action

Speaking following the new Home Secretary’s first speech to the Police Federation, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Ed Davey said:

"Warm words are not enough to gain the trust of hard working police officers who have faced the tough consequences of this Tory Government slashing police budgets and police numbers.

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Help us ban "Upskirting"

Upskirting is a vile crime that violates and degrades victims. Thousands of women are subjected to it every single year and it has a lasting impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

As you know, with the law as it currently stands the Police find it hard to prosecute this – and that’s why campaigners, including Wera Hobhouse MP and Gina Martin have been calling for upskirting to become a specific offence.

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Airstrikes undermine democracy

May should have sought Parliamentary approval for action

Responding to the military action taken by the UK government in Syria Leader of the Liberal Democrats,Vince Cable said:

“Riding the coattails of an erratic US President is no substitute for a mandate from the House of Commons.

“The Prime Minister could and should have recalled Parliament this week and sought the approval of MPs before proceeding.

“Liberal Democrats stood ready to assess the evidence and objectives for any action and, if it were properly planned and justified, to support a military response.

"At this moment our thoughts are with British and allied troops. But the Government’s decision fatally undermines the integrity of this mission. It shows a weak Government putting short term political expediency before democracy and in so doing further diminishing the standing of Britain in the world.”


EU Referendum Scandal

As the allegations mount about the tactics used by the Leave campaign during the EU Referendum, it is clear that our democracy has been manipulated by a range of vested interests, ranging from political to corporate.


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Lib Dems welcome action on plastic waste

Plastic bottle deposit scheme - and no more plastic bottles on Bournemouth seafront.

The government has announced that the public will soon have to pay a deposit on each plastic bottle in order to encourage recycling. The bottle can be returned and the deposit reclaimed.


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Schools Starved of Funds

Responding to the Education Policy Institute report on school funding pressures in England, Liberal Democrat education spokesperson, Layla Moran, commented: 

"This worrying analysis shows just how normal it has become for primary and secondary schools to operate with large financial deficits. It also confirms everything teachers and parents have feared about the Government leaving our schools woefully underfunded. 

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Statement on Skripal Poisoning in Salisbury

"Putin is attempting to be the puppet master of the world, it is time we cut the strings."
As our friends in Salisbury (and now Gillingham, Dorset) are very close neighbours to those of us living in and around Bournemouth we are exceptionally concerned by the events unfolding in our region.
The poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter highlights the need for the UK to adopt a tougher line on Russian assets. Russians suspected of illegal activities should have their assets frozen pending investigation.
This is a huge operation, and it is important to praise the efforts of the police, the NHS, the military and other agencies in Salisbury and nationwide.

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