School funding crisis should shame the Govt

Responding to The Guardian investigation which has found teachers are cleaning and paying for books and pens to plug the gaps in school funding, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson Layla Moran said:

“We are clearly in the midst of a crisis over school funding and these revelations must result in direct action by the Conservatives. This investigation should shame the Tory Government.
“With teachers covering for cleaners and parents donating money for essential services there is no way Conservative Ministers can deny there is a lack of funding for our schools.

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Let's get ambitious over renewables

Following recent reports of a major oil find off the beaches of Bournemouth and Poole, local Liberal Democrats are keen to remind government of the huge potential offered by non-polluting wind turbines. This reminder comes as the Tories announce a half-hearted commitment to offshore wind.

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Bournemouth's Postcode Lottery Over Health Checks

Bournemouth’s “postcode lottery" over health checks branded a disgrace by Lib Dems.

The Liberal Democrats have today warned of a “postcode lottery” as official figures reveal only 33.4% of people in Bournemouth have been offered a health check over the last 5 years, significantly below the national average of 85.21%.


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Local Campaigners Demand a Better Beach

Local campaigners Henry Castledine and Gary Mitchell have been calling for improvements to the beach and clifftop in West Southbourne.

"We feel that the council has neglected the lighting in the beach area for far too long and it needs improving." Said Henry. "We've carried out an extensive survey in the area and found that many local residents agree with us."

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Labour splits over Corbyn-led extremism

At a press conference in London today, seven members of the Parliamentary Labour Party split from Jeremy Corbyn's Labour. Amongst other reasons they cited institutional anti-semitism within the party, a bullying culture and Jeremy Corbyn's failure to stand up for the United Kingdom's best interests by opposing Brexit.

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Local government finance hits poorer communities the hardest

With elections to the newly combined authority for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole on the horizon, Liberal Democrat Local Government Spokesperson Wera Hobhouse said:

“This settlement does nothing to address the growing inequalities across our country. The highly regressive council tax system means that, as the Conservative Government continue to underfund local government, subsequent council tax rises hit poorer communities the hardest.

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Govt must set out plans to avoid NHS winter crisis

Responding to NHS England’s first weekly report of the winter which shows hospitals are so overcrowded care is being put at risk, former Liberal Democrat Health Minister Norman Lamb said:

"It is intolerable to think that patients are being turned away at their hour of need. These reports bear all the hallmarks of yet another Conservative NHS winter crisis. People deserve better.

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Tory Brexit to Hurt Business

Govt turning its back on British business.

Responding to Conservative plans to halt businesses’ access to workers from the EU, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Ed Davey said:

“With these plans, the Conservatives are turning their backs on British businesses and public services.

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Lib Dem's Demand Fares Freeze

Grayling must freeze fares.


Responding to Chris Grayling's address to Tory party conference, Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesperson Baroness Jenny Randerson said:
“It’s no wonder that Chris Grayling became nervous as he outlined the state of our railways, many of the problems with the network are his fault and his time in post is running out of track.
“Grayling promises a rail revolution and new legislation next year to improve our struggling railways. But he’s happy for passengers to face massive fare hikes whilst he gets his house in order.
“The Liberal Democrats are calling for an immediate freeze on all fares, while the Government investigates the problems they’ve caused with our railways.”

Brexit's drugs danger

Govt Brexit plans play right into the hands of international drug gangs.


Responding to Sajid Javid's address to Conservative Party conference Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Ed Davey said:

“The Government should be focusing on the serious organised criminals who operate the international drugs trade. But once again, the Conservatives are talking tough on crime while their pursuit of a destructive hard Brexit plays right into those criminals hands.
“Losing the European Arrest Warrant, information-sharing arrangements and leadership of Europol will make it harder to bring drug traffickers to justice.
“The Liberal Democrats demand better. That’s why we are fighting to give the British people a say on the final Brexit deal, including the option of an Exit from Brexit, and to protect these crucial crime-fighting tools.”

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