Councillor Olivia Brown

Wallisdown and Winton West


Contact information

01202 123561

c/o Council Civic Centre
Bourne Avenue

Olivia lives on Talbot Hill Road, near Slades Farm, with her husband Tom and their two sons who attend a local primary school.

Olivia is a teacher who is passionate about Early Years and Special Needs Education and has 16 years’ experience in the profession.

Olivia is full of drive and ambition and is passionate about improving facilities and services for families in the area.

With her degree in childhood wellbeing and her work as Vice Chair of Governors in her sons’ school she has the knowledge and experience to ensure families and communities are represented, supported and heard by their local councillors.

Olivia has previously volunteered at local charities and youth groups working to improve chances for children in her local community. She has recently volunteered to be a part of a new Wallisdown & Winton SpeedWatch group.

An avid football fan, Olivia has been a children’s coach and, when she isn’t cheering on her team, she is on the side lines watching her boys play for local football clubs. She is also a keen cold-water swimmer and tries to swim in the sea at least once a week!

Photo of Councillor Olivia Brown and Councillor Richard Herrett
Olivia Brown and Richard Herrett