Councillor Judith Richardson

East Southbourne & Tuckton


Contact information

Monthly Surgeries at Tuckton Library,  2nd Saturday each month (except December) 11am to 12.30pm.

c/o Council Civic Centre
Bourne Avenue

Having retired from an exciting career working overseas in the Diplomatic Service and as a lecturer in Business Administration, Judith now spends her time contributing to the local community.

Judith’s love of history and art led her to volunteer at the Russell Cotes Museum and Dorset History Centre in research and development.

She has the experience to represent our community having previously managed a residents’ association and as a committee member of a Safer Neighbourhood Team. 

Her passion for the area goes beyond just living in Tuckton for eight years, as she’s been visiting family here for decades. Her love of wildlife, architecture and community life means Judith will bring a new approach to the Council.

Judith is a regular supporter of the The Priory and The Regent in Christchurch and loves history, art, theatre, film & music. She loves nature and is keen to protect natural habitats so wildlife can thrive.

Judith Richardson
Judith Richardson for East Southbourne & Tuckton