Councillor Adrian (Ade) Chapmanlaw

Alderney & Bourne Valley


Contact information

01202 123688

c/o Council Civic Centre
Bourne Avenue

Ade Chapmanlaw has worked in people's homes as a security engineer in the ward and in BCP since the early 2000s.

He is acutely aware of the transport issues in the area. Public transport is not fit for purpose and there are massive congestion issues.

Having recently bought the house he and his wife were renting, despite the actions of central government, he is fully aware of the challenges local residents face with housing.

Ade says "Having seen the damage the Conservatives have done, I believe I can be part of the solution rather than just moaning about it on twitter. My wife works with special needs children, I work in people's homes seeing the damage to people's homes and mental well being, anti social behaviour, break ins  and so on".

Ade considers that the cost of living crisis is the most significant thing affecting people's lives at present.

He believes that the energy crisis would have been less severe if projects like the the Navitus Bay wind farm had gone ahead, Ade has started a petition for a public consultation into revisiting Navitus.

Photo of Ade Chapmanlaw
Councillor Ade Chapmanlaw