Lib Dems demand compensation for victims of Windrush scandal

Liberal Democrat conference has passed a motion demanding the restoration of rights to the Windrush Generation.

The motion demands an end to the damaging hostile environment policy started under May’s leadership of the Home Office. 

The motion calls for measures to ensure there is a fair process that would prevent future outrages, and for compensation for any victims of the Windrush scandal who have been affected by deportation, detention or the loss of their rights in the UK.

Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson has said:

“The Windrush Generation has been horrendously mistreated and it is time to right the Conservative Government’s wrongs.

“Theresa May's hostile environment policy directly led to Windrush and multiple injustices - yet no-one has properly been held to account - let alone the Prime Minister, who must have known about Windrush before the Guardian broke the story.

“The Liberal Democrats demand better. A proper system must be put in place to compensate all the victims of these horrendous failings at the heart of Government, and Theresa May must be held personally to account."

Member of the Liberal Democrat Federal Board and civil rights campaigner Pauline Pearce said:

“I’m honoured that the party passed this motion. But we need to keep working and keep holding the government to account.

"We must make these British people feel British. Liberal Democrats will continue to fight to right this wrong and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Windrush generation who have such a powerful impact in our country.

"Power to all those who stand up in the fight for justice for the Windrush generation.

"Liberal Democrats demand justice."

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