We need leaders, not leavers.

Labour confirm they will press ahead with Brexit.
Responding to John McDonnell’s confirmation that Labour would proceed with Brexit, and his refusal to back giving people the final say on the Brexit deal, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said:
“The Labour leadership are going along with the Tories on Brexit. They are ignoring their members, ignoring voters and ignoring the huge damage Brexit is doing to the UK.
“Corbyn and his cronies need to wake up. You cannot have strong public services if you trash the economy – which is what Brexit will do. It is time for Labour to back us in calling for the people to have a final say on Brexit through a People’s Vote. The Liberal Democrats demand better than Brexit.
“To those Labour members and activists who are arriving in Liverpool to once again see their leaders letting them down on Brexit, I say that the Liberal Democrats will stand with you in campaigning for people to have the final say – join us and let’s give people the chance to exit from Brexit.”


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