Nick Clegg about EU citizens living in the UK

Right To Stay is an initiative by the Liberal Democrats to guarantee the rights of EU citizens to continue to live and work in the UK, as well as British people living in other EU countries, after Brexit.



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Tim Farron closes autumn conference with inspirational speech

Kinson North by-election interview

In the final days before the Kinson north by-election, Liberal Democrat candidate, Stephen Plant, explains why he's standing for election and shares his thoughts on three key issues.

Catherine Bearder MEP visits Lush in Poole

Yesterday Catherine Bearder MEP visited Lush HQ in Poole to hear how British business is better in Europe.

There are just two days left to make the difference in this campaign, with Britain's future in the balance. If you're voting to REMAIN, pledge your support here:

Brexit campaign "called out" on EU referendum claims

Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron, has appeared on BBC television to "call out" claims being made by Boris Johnson and the rest of the Brexit campaign. Mr Farron referred to "what are, basically, lies" and made a plea for the positive message on our EU membership to be made loud and clear.

Nick Clegg Speaks on the EU

We suspect this speech won't be widely reported in the mainstream media. In these few edited passages, Nick Clegg makes it clear that the outcome of the EU referendum is of vital importance to millons of ordinary people right across the UK.
It is crucially important that we remain #INtogether.

Sir Graham Watson argues we should remain in the EU at a debate in Bournemouth

The debate was hosted by Bournemouth University on Thursday 17th March.

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