Stephen Plant selected for Kinson North

We are delighted to announce that Stephen Plant has been selected to fight the Kinson North by-election on behalf of Bournemouth Liberal Democrats.


Stephen Plant was raised locally and knows the Kinson area very well. He grew up in Northbourne and worked at Bournemouth Council for a number of years during the 1980s.

After a period working in London he moved back to Bournemouth in 2005 and has lived in the North Kinson Ward ever since. Stephen now works for Dorset Healthcare NHS Foundation trust, the main provider of community health and mental health services in Dorset. His eldest children currently attend Kinson Primary School

"I feel most strongly that it's vital to have a Liberal Democrat voice on a Council that is currently overwhelmingly dominated by Conservatives"  Stephen said on selection. He went on to highlight three key issues he is eager to campaign on;

"Whilst I believe the development of the Tesco superstore has generally been good for Kinson, this has caused additional congestion. Changes to the road layout have not helped and are proving confusing to drivers. At the western end of the ward, access to the Bear Cross roundabout from Magna Road is also often blocked by traffic waiting to exit onto Ringwood Road. Yellow hatching would solve this problem and keep traffic flowing more freely.

If elected I will be seeking a review of the design of both these critical junctions."

On a wider scale Stephen has expressed concerns over the government's current energy policies.

"I am also concerned that our area has been earmarked by the Government for fracking. The chemicals injected into the ground risk contaminating our drinking water, as well as causing seismic activity that could result in structural damage to our homes. I asked our local Tory MP to resist fracking in this area, but in his reply he supported official Conservative policy allowing these risky works to take place close to heavily populated areas.

If elected I will do all I can to oppose fracking in or under Bournemouth."

Finally, Stephen highlighted the terrible shortage of housing for Bournemouth families.

"I am concerned that developments in Bournemouth town centre - even on Council land - consist mostly of luxury flats and second homes for the privileged few. What we really need are more affordable homes, starter homes and family homes for hard working people in Bournemouth, particularly the younger generation.

If elected I will fight for more housing that meets the needs of local people. Council developments should lead by example."



STEPHEN PLANT (Liberal Democrats)
on Thursday, September 1st!



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