Schools Starved of Funds

Responding to the Education Policy Institute report on school funding pressures in England, Liberal Democrat education spokesperson, Layla Moran, commented: 

"This worrying analysis shows just how normal it has become for primary and secondary schools to operate with large financial deficits. It also confirms everything teachers and parents have feared about the Government leaving our schools woefully underfunded. 

"By 2019-20 about half of schools will be in the impossible position of having to choose between a 1 percent pay rise for their teachers,or being pushed further into deficit.
"It is disgraceful that despite the Government's warm words about more money for schools, they are still refusing to admit that the real costs pressure are rising faster, putting schools in financial jeopardy. In the end it is only the children who will suffer".

Bournemouth East parliamentary spokesman, Jon Nicholas added, "We campaigned hard on this during the 2015 and 2017 general election campaigns but, sadly, voters didn't take this issue seriously enough. Government's actions on funding are proving that our concerns were much more than the 'scare stories' they tried to dismiss them as. We will keep fighting in our shools' corner".

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