School funding crisis should shame the Govt

Responding to The Guardian investigation which has found teachers are cleaning and paying for books and pens to plug the gaps in school funding, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson Layla Moran said:

“We are clearly in the midst of a crisis over school funding and these revelations must result in direct action by the Conservatives. This investigation should shame the Tory Government.
“With teachers covering for cleaners and parents donating money for essential services there is no way Conservative Ministers can deny there is a lack of funding for our schools.

“The Secretary of State must begin an urgent listening exercise with frontline staff and reverse the budget cuts pursued after coalition, otherwise this crisis will only get worse. To fail to act is to leave both teachers and children in the midst of what is clearly a crisis.”

Bournemouth West's Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesman, Phil Dunn added:

"I teach in a local school and regularly have to dip into my own pocket to buy pens, pencils and so on for my students. I have now just learned that my school's per-pupil funding settlement is £28 lower than that faithfully promised by government only a matter of months ago."

"This may not sound like a significant figure, but when its translated across a school of over 1,500 students it represents a massive cut for my school. This sum of nealy £35,000 easily equates to the cost of employing a teacher."

"Last year the Tories made a solemn funding promise to schools which they have now broken. It's jsut another reminder that Mrs May and her party can not be trusted with our country."

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