Our vision for better local communities

In order to ensure that local residents play an integral part in making the everyday decisions that affect them we will:

  1. Build on our national policy of investing an extra £300 million on front-line policing by committing to work with local police to make our communities safer.
  2. Introduce local planning and licensing boards to ensure decisions are taken as close to our communities as possible.
  3. Allow the retention of local mayors in those communities that wish to have one.
  4. Support and enhance the roles of town councils, parish councils and other local bodies in those communities that wish to have them.
  5. Ensure that representatives of ALL political groupings have a voice in the new local authority by insisting on proportionality of representation on committees.
  6. Create a 'Town & Gown' forum to further enhance communication and cooperation with our universities.


Our vision for a better local economy

To support our local economy we will:

  1. Engage local residents and businesses in developing a retail regeneration strategy to breath new life into the town centres of both Poole and Bournemouth, as well as our smaller district shopping areas.
  2. Engage local residents and businesses in producing a sustainable development strategy that increases economic activity in Christchurch whilst preserving the unique character of its town centre and surroundings.
  3. Support local businesses to develop employment opportunities in a bid to end the scandal of poverty in our communities.
  4. Work in a partnership with the operators of Bournemouth Airport and the Port of Poole to secure a sustainable increase in the levels of commercial activity and to enhance the conurbation's trade links with the rest of Europe and the wider world.


Our vision for a better environment

Building on the Liberal Democrat track record of successfully protecting Canford Heath in Poole, we will make Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole one of the most environmentally conscious areas in the UK. We will:

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Research conducted by Bournemouth Liberal Democrats has uncovered the true scale of Bournemouth's shocking housing crisis. 

Through submitting Freedom of Information requests to Bournemouth Borough Council, we have discovered that:

  • Only 12 new social housing units were built in 2016/17 
  • Nearly 4,000 people are on the housing register, a figure which has not significantly reduced since 2012. 
  • Despite this, just 386 units became available for occupation in 2016 – meeting the needs of only 10% of those on the housing list. 
  • Homelessness has risen at an alarming rate, with official numbers of rough sleepers more than tripling since 2010, and the number of homelessness applications increasing from 102 in 2010, to more than 600 last year. 


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Demand Better

Liberal Democrats in the Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole conurbation are the only credible alternative to the Conservatives and we believe that residents across all our communities deserve better. It is therefore our goal to put the needs, concerns and hopes of local residents at the very centre of our programme for the next four years.

Our priorities are:

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