New Scrutiny Committee delayed by Conservatives

As part of the constitutional changes the introduction of a new scrutiny committee in place of the existing one had been planned. The work has been ongoing for around 9 months and there had been multiple meetings, including a briefing just last week attended by almost all councillors.

However, suddenly motion was tabled without notice by Conservatives Cllr Phil Broadhead and seconded by Council Leader Drew Mellor that the whole of scrutiny should be reviewed, and that until then the new committee not brought in. He criticised scrutiny repeatedly despite himself and Drew failing to attend any of the group leaders meetings at which it had been discussed and for the disrespect of not raising it at the briefing or tabling the motion in advance. 

As you would expect we voted against this - Cllr Mike Cox as a member of audit said he was disappointed no one had mentioned it before - but they won the vote with their majority.

Why is the Conservative administration so terrified of scrutiny? 

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