Local Party Speaks Out on "Brexit" Coverage

Bournemouth Liberal Democrats are angry at local press coverage of Theresa May's announcement on her strategy for leaving the European Union.

The Bournemouth Echo's article "Leaving single market ‘will be good for Dorset’, says Brexiteer businessman" (18/01/17), included quotes from local Conservative MPs and a prominent pro-Brexit supporter but failed to consider any alternative points of view or the potential negative aspects of the Prime Minister's "Brexit" announcements.


They ignored the fact that, according to polls, 90% of voters actually recognise the value of the single market to British business and want to remian a part of it. The Echo also failed to note that Theresa May's insistence on taking us out of the single market before she even reaches the negotiating table will almost certainly have a detrimental impact on Bournemouth's economy, as well as the UK as a whole. The business community rightly wants certainty, but we now find ourselves further away from that than ever. 

What Bournemouth needs now is a vocal and effective opposition to stand up for the best interests of the town, rather than the cosy club of two local Conservative MPs who would rather toe the party line and a Conservative Council with no effective opposition. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party have all but capitulated to the Government on Brexit, leaving the Liberal Democrats the only party providing this opposition and standing up for what's best for Bournemouth. 

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