Liberal Democrats move to decriminalise abortion


Liberal Democrat delegates have today moved to support the decriminalisation of abortion, including for women in Northern Ireland.

Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine, who summated the motion, told delegates that it was “wrong that women are being denied rights over their own bodies.” She added that “2018 must be the year this ends.”

The proposals debated and passed by delegates include the enforcement of buffer zones around abortion service providers, ensuring people have the right to privacy and access to services without harassment.

Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine said: 

“It is terrible that abortion is still treated as a criminal issue. No longer. Reproductive healthcare must be treated as a health issue. 

“That is why Liberal Democrats have backed these proposals today. We believe that everyone, regardless of gender, has the human right to make independent decisions over their reproductive health without interference or harassment. 

“That question is more acute for woman in Northern Ireland, who are subject to one of the most restrictive and punitive abortion regimes in the Western world. 

“Theresa May cannot remain silent on this issue. The Supreme Court told her that abortion legislation in Northern Ireland is incompatible with human rights. As Prime Minister she has the responsibility to act, and she must.”

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