Is government taking all of us for fools?

Here at Bournemouth Liberal Democrats we normally confine our headline stories to local issues and allow national stories to appear at the bottom of our homepage. Today, however, we are utterly stunned at the conduct of Theresa May's Government in the current Brexit negotiations process.


It has become abundantly clear today that David Davis has misled Parliament over the very existence of the much-discussed Brexit impact assessments. Liberal Democrats have, therefore, called for these assessments to be carried out as a matter of extreme urgency.

Last year David Davis told Parliament that the government was “in the midst of carrying out about 57 sets of analyses, each of which has implications for individual parts of 85% of the economy."

As recently as six weeks ago, the Brexit Secretary boasted that the impact assessments were being undertaken in "excruciating detail."

David Davis also said he does not think Brexit will lead to shortage of nurses in NHS, despite there having been a 96% drop in nurses from the EU registering in the UK since the referendum.


Liberal Democrat MP Wera Hobhouse, who sits on the Brexit Select Committee, commented:

"It is unbelievable that these long-trumpeted impact assessments don't even exist, meaning the government has no idea what their Brexit plans will do to the country.

"Ministers must now urgently undertake these impact assessments and ensure people are given the facts.

"Whether it’s through incompetence or insincerity, David Davis has been misleading Parliament from the start.

"He is being completely blasé about the threat Brexit poses to our NHS, economy and young people.

“The utter shambles this government is making of Brexit shows why the public must be given the final say with a chance to stay in the EU.”

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