Tories preside over homelessness scandal

Bournemouth has made national headlines today for all the wrong reasons.

The Tory council's disgraceful policy of deporting rough-sleepers has exposed a callous disregard for the needs of homeless people in the area.

Bournemouth West Parliamentary Spokesman, Phil Dunn said "Despite attempts to disguise their policy as a "reconnection" programme, the Tory council is sending rough-sleepers away with one way rail tickets to towns that, in some cases, they've never even visited."

Jon Nicholas, Parliamentary Spokesman for Bournemouth East added "For years now, Bournemouth's Liberal Democrats have been demanding serious action to end the town's housing crisis, but the Conservatives have persisted with their massive promotion of luxury housing develpments in the area, pricing local residents out of the market and making no provision at all for the homeless."

The Liberal Democrats continue to demand positive action to end the local housing crisis and will continue to argue for an end the scandal of rough sleeping. This must be done by increasing support for homelessness prevention and adequately funding age-appropriate emergency accommodation and supported housing, while ensuring that all local authorities have at least one provider of the Housing First model of provision for long-term, entrenched homeless people.

Local council candidate Steve Plant said, "I campaigned hard on this at the Kinson North by-election in 2016. It seems that, at last, people might be starting to take this seriously".

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