High Court Condemns Tory Benefits Cap

Today (22nd June) the High Court ruled that the government’s imposition of the benefit cap on lone parents of under-twos is unlawful and has resulted in “real misery”, said the Liberal Democrats.

Many of these parents find it impossible to work alongside their caring commitments, defeating the purpose of the cap which is designed to incentivise work. A minimum of 16 hours of work a week is required to evade the cap.

Since the introduction of a lower cap in November 2016 an extra 46,000 households have been affected, a 230% increase from the 20,000 households previously affected. 72% (48,000) of these households are single-parent families.

Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Stephen Lloyd said:

“This government’s cold-hearted benefit cap has caused untold harm to single parents unable to juggle childcare with the demands of work. We welcome the High Court’s ruling that imposing the cap on lone parents is unlawful.

“Yet instead of acknowledging the evidence and accepting the Court’s ruling, the government has proved it is deaf to public concerns by vowing to appeal the ruling, maintaining the misery of hundreds of thousands of children.

“Unlike both Labour and the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats are the only party committed to reversing the worst of the welfare cuts. We will use our voice in parliament to defend struggling families from the government’s fixation on never-ending austerity. “

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