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We've started the process of electing our new leader. Have your say - join the Lib Dems today.


Earlier today (Friday 23rd May) Vince Cable formally announced his resignation as leader of the Liberal Democrats and the process for the election of his successor has been triggered.

Since he was elected leader in 2017 Vince has been a steadying influence when it was most needed - and that's led to us gaining new MEPs (exact number to be announced on Sunday!) and almost 800 councillors. Thank you, Vince.

The time to join the Lib Dems is now. Not only are we riding high after our amazing local election results and European election campaign, but you also get a say on the future of our party.

Anyone who joins by 7th June gets a vote and it couldn't be easier to get involved - it takes just 5 minutes to sign up. Membership starts at as little as £1 per month and you get a huge variety of benefits such as:

  • Come to conference and decide party policy
  • Exclusive party training events
  • Discounts and deals only available to members
  • Stand for the party at local, Welsh Assembly/Scottish Parliament, Westminster or European level
  • And more - you can read more here.

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