Government Climb Down on Schools' Funding?

Liberal Democrats accross the country have responded to reports that the Conservatives are to bow to massive Liberal Democrat and backbench pressure and abandon their proposed shake-up of school funding.

 Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson John Pugh said:
“Finally, the Conservatives have been forced to re-think their deeply flawed funding formula, which would see savage cuts to schools in most areas of the country. Their proposals were utterly cynical, taking from some areas to give to others, rather than committing to give all schools the additional funding they need.

 “We are already seeing schools cutting down hours, reducing staff numbers and unable to carry out basic repairs, because of the impossible funding pressures they’re under.
“I fear this will only get worse as we face the risk of a £100bn black-hole in the public finances, because of the Conservative Brexit government’s determination to end free trade with Europe.”

Bournemouth West parliamentary candidate, Phil Dunn said, "As a teacher I am relieved to hear that this hugely damaging measure may be shelved. We must, however, keep monitoring the Tories as they clearly see state education as little more than a poltical football. If elected to serve in Bournemouth West I will work tirelessly with the aim that ALL our children get good schools to go to. I will also oppose any proposed  fragmentation of the education sector in future."

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