General Election Candidates Announced

Bournemouth Liberal Democrats announce General Election candidates

Bournemouth Liberal Democrats have today announced their two local candidates for the snap General Election on 8th June.

Jon Nicholas will be the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bournemouth East, and Phil Dunn will be the Liberal Democrat candidate for the constituency of Bournemouth West.  

Bournemouth's two candidates




Phil and Jon are local campaigners with a track record of fighting for the people of Bournemouth, and against the Tories locally and nationally.

  • Phil is a teacher with a history of campaigning against local education cuts. He is fiercely opposed to social care cuts and campaigns for more affordable housing in Bournemouth. He will also be a voice for the many Bournemouth West residents who disagree with Theresa May’s hard Brexit.

  • Jon's work takes him all over the constituency and beyond to schools and community projects. He works on a wide range of inclusion projects which has given him powerful insight into some of the most vulnerable people and communities locally and beyond.

In these elections it’s a clear fight between hard working local campaigners Phil Dunn and Jon Nicholas and the Conservatives. The other parties, particularly Labour, are out of the race. A recent internal poll by the Conservative party even predicted they could lose the 27 seats they gained from the Lib Dems at the last election.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Bournemouth West, Phil Dunn, said:

“45% of Bournemouth residents voted to Remain in the EU and many more oppose the reckless decision of this hard-right Conservative government to pursue their ‘hard Brexit’. This would be hugely damaging for our country. Lib Dems here in Bournemouth are continuing the fight against Theresa May’s plans just as we fought to Remain."

“The Labour Party locally and nationally is in an absolute mess, fighting amongst themselves rather than acting as the effective opposition this country so needs, so I will be campaigning for everyone who wants to avoid a disastrous hard Brexit, no matter which party they normally choose to support.”

“I want to keep Britain in the single market. I want the United Kingdom to remain open, tolerant and united and the only way to achieve this is to vote for the Liberal Democrats.”

Liberal Democrat candidate for Bournemouth East, Jon Nicholas, said:

"My work has given me first-hand experience of the challenges Bournemouth and the rest of the UK are currently facing, and in my regular contact with teachers, health workers, the police, and community leaders, they tell me that this Tory Government does not feel hopeful, useful or kind.

“This election is the most important of my voting life, and I am running for the people of Bournemouth East to help unite the town against a Tory party that would rather divide it.

“I want to shift the balance away from lavish town centre developments designed for the few, towards the real needs of the many. Our community is becoming increasingly fractured, and I am committed to changing that.”

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