EU Referendum Scandal

As the allegations mount about the tactics used by the Leave campaign during the EU Referendum, it is clear that our democracy has been manipulated by a range of vested interests, ranging from political to corporate.


These allegations are stunning and even touch directly on one of Theresa May's closest advisers.

Throughout the EU Referendum, Liberal Democrat campaigners worked alongside campaingers from other parties and pressure groups but we always made it very clear which campaign was which. We ensured that all campaign materials of various groups were distinct from each other and there could be no confusion over who was funding which campaign.



As you can see from the photographs above, we were at great pains to ensure that everything we did adhered to the rules established in advance of the referendum campaign commencing. At a local level, however, we became aware very early on that the Leave campaign were flouting the rules as if they did not exist. Leave campaigners were challenged over this on several occasions but did nothing to amend the way they were approaching the campaign.

People expect fair play and campaigns to abide by the rules – they must not be cheated.

If the current allegations are an accurate reflection of what really happened, it is outrageous and shameful that the British people can be treated with such contempt. This must be examined by the police.

The referendum had a very narrow outcome which fell far short of what would be needed to change the constitution of most other modern democracies. These allegations strengthen the Liberal Democrats’ call for a fair vote on the Brexit deal.

#voteonthedeal #ExitBrexit

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