Defend Democracy

Like millions of people right across the United Kingdom, we at Bournemouth Liberal Democrats are outraged at Boris Johnson's move to prorogue Parliament. We will be joining forces with Dorset for Europe and campaigners from other political parties to make our views known this Saturday, 31st August at 11am in Bournemouth Square.

As we write this post nearly 1.5 million people have signed a petition to Parliament demanding that our MPs be allowed to do their job and represent us (ALL of us) in the chamber they were elected to. If you have not yet signed this petition you can find it on the Parliament website.

Despite claims to the contrary, political commentators all over the world can see this move for what it is; a thinly veiled attempt to prevent Parliament blocking Boris Johnson's disastrous "no-deal" Brexit.

The protest, however, is about so much more than Brexit. This is about the dangerous precedent being set by a Prime Minister, desparate to further his own agenda regardless of the views of our sovereign Parliament. If Boris Johnson is permitted to get away with this move, what will prevent him or any future Prime Minister repeating the stunt for other policy whims?

Come and join us this Saturday and help us #DemandBetter and Defend Democracy.

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