Brexit: One Year On

Brexit one year anniversary – Brexit starts to bite says Farron

As we mark the anniversary of the Brexit referendum vote today (Friday), Tim Farron said the consequences are growing more apparent.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:

“As Theresa May is asked to leave a summit meeting while 27 other countries discuss Britain’s future, she has left our country isolated, divided and poorer.

“Just as those who lost the European referendum in 1975 remained true to their beliefs, I remain true to mine, and I believe Britain will be more open, tolerant and united in the EU.

“Households are facing a Brexit squeeze of rising prices and a falling pound. Ministers boasted that British economic growth had not been hit by Brexit, but since the turn of the year Britain has fallen to the bottom of the European growth league. Theresa May has refused to listen to her own Chancellor and seems hell-bent on trashing the economy by leaving the single market and customs union.

“And on the anniversary of Leave’s narrow victory, I ask Boris Johnson again – where is our £350m a week for the NHS?

“A year on I still remain hopeful that we can remain in the single market and customs union. There is no majority and no mandate for Theresa May’s extreme Brexit. Liberal Democrats will work with MPs of other parties to stop it.”

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