We believe that Britain’s best chance to succeed is within the EU. Liberal Democrats are the only party that has consistently championed Britain’s membership of the European Union.

Although we respect the results of the June 2016 referendum, we continue believe that the British people must have the right to vote on the final deal with Europe. As time goes by the facts of Brexit are becoming clearer and it is becoming more  evident that voters who initially favoured leaving the EU are changing their minds.

We believe that Britain is a more prosperous country when we are part of the world’s largest economy, working in partnership with our closest neighbours and allies to tackle the biggest challenges.

We believe that free trade is a good thing. It creates jobs, increases prosperity and helps pay for things like the NHS, schools and public services.

Our livelihoods are improved because of free trade - including through our membership of the Single Market. That is why we are fighting for Britain at the very minimum to remain a member of the Single Market.

The British people voted for departure but not for a destination, which is why we are also calling for the government to give the British people a vote on the final deal that they negotiate with Europe.

The terms of Brexit will have a huge impact on jobs, security and the opportunity to travel and live abroad, and the Tory Brexit government should therefore be made to put their deal to the British people before it is finalised.

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