Animal welfare standards central to liberal values

The Liberal Democrats have today passed a motion at their conference in Brighton calling on the Government to pay full regard to animal welfare, with a range of measures to improve the treatment of animals.  

Liberal Democrats committed to phase out animal experiments that cause extreme suffering, to reduce deformities in pedigree pets, make horse racing safer and ban the use of wild animals in circuses. 

The conference also voted to ban inhumane glue traps and to end the use of wild animals in circuses immediately. 

With 80% of current legislation originating in the EU, Brexit is a threat to current safeguards. 

Members called upon the Government to guarantee that all future trade deals have animal welfare and environmental standards at least equivalent to those currently held in the UK. 

Commenting on this series of new policies for the party, Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs Spokesperson Tim Farron said: 

“The Liberal Democrats have always valued the part that animals play in our world and we will always demand the best environmental and welfare standards. 

“Treating animals with respect is central to our liberal values and we call upon the Government to reflect this belief in its own policies.  

“As Liberal Democrats we are always proud to stand up for the rights of those that cannot stand up for themselves and we demand the same from our Government.” 

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