A New Voice for West Southbourne

As we expand our team of prospective council candidates and ward representatives we'd like to introduce you to Gary Mitchell; a new voice for West Southbourne.

"I have been resident in this ward since 1992, and I know the area well, having seen it change and evolve.


"With major restructuring changes coming at both national and local level, I believe it’s time the people of West Southbourne had a more effective voice in the town.

"The town has been dominated by a single, complacent party for far too long, and they have lost sight of the interests of ordinary residents. The internal machinations of the ruling Tory group are – to say the least – far from transparent.

"In Soutbourne and right across Bournemouth I think we suffer from a lack of short-term parking. We also need a more diverse range of shops and businesses, and the lack of affordable housing is an issue that Liberal Democrats have already been campaigning hard on over the last few years.

"Within my ward I'm mindful of dangerous junctions like Wentworth Avenue and Southbourne Grove, plus the need to conserve the clifftop and Fisherman’s Walk as open spaces for all to use.

"Whilst local Liberal Democrats cannot claim to be able to tackle national issues, we intend to make the ward and town a model of socially aware progress others can follow."

If there's anything in West Southbourne you think Gary should be aware of, please let our team know what it is, where it is, and what you think should be done about it.

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