2019 Local Council Elections

Who's standing in your ward?

Listed below are your 33 Liberal Democrat candidates across the eighteen Bournemouth wards.

We are very proud that our candidates' team includes an exciting blend of youth and wide-ranging experience which we have drawn from all areas of our community here in Bournemouth.

Keep an eye on this page as we add more information about each of our candidates.

Ward Name



Alderney &
Bourne Valley





  Toby Johnson


  Rachel Maidment


  Tony Trent

Bearwood &




  Marcus Andrews


  David Brown


  Richard Burton

Boscombe East &





Philip Dunn has lived in Pokesdown since 2000 having moved to the area to study for an Archaeology degree at Bournemouth University. Prior to moving to Bournemouth Philip served as both a Borough and County councillor in neighbouring Hampshire.

After securing a Master's Degree from Reading University Philip returned to Bournemouth where he now teaches humanities at a local secondary school.

He has a deep interest in children's services and, through first hand experience of caring for a relative with Alzheimer's is passionate about improving adult social care services. Philip has pledged to oppose further oil exploration in our area and is keen to explore ways of making local transportation and energy consumption more sustainable.

Philip also stood for the Liberal Democrats in Bournemouth West at the 2017 General Election.


Rebecca Edwards 

Boscombe West



Paul Radcliffe has worked in Boscombe for 29 years and is well known in the area, (maybe not for his politics). This is the first time Paul has stood as a candidate although he has been active in the Liberal Democrats for several years.

Paul's priorities for the new local authority are better social housing, promoting sustainable energy and making a stand against any further oil exploration in our area. He is also passionate about improving rates of recycling and enhancing public transport for all areas of the conurbation. He wants to fight for more park and ride facilities and wants to encourage our two bus companies to invest more urgently in electric or hybrid buses.

Bournemouth Central




  Craig Norman



  Kevin Williams



East Cliff &



Jordan Blackwell


Alfreda Christensen-Barton



Brian Jenner moved to Bournemouth from London in 2004. He is a professional speechwriter and author. He was the founder of the Dorset networking group BoMoCreatives and one of the co-founders of Conurbation 2050 - a local think tank that proposed the unification of Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch in 2012. For seven years Brian was the organiser of the UK Good Funeral Awards. He and his family live in Springbourne.


East Southbourne &





Jon Nicholas has stood for the Liberal Democrats at the last two General Elections in Bournemouth East.

Jon lives in the ward with his family but works across the UK and Europe where much of his work revolves around conflict resolution.



David Ruffer is a retired teacher who taught in a local secondary school. He has been a Liberal Democrat for many years and sees these elections as a great opportunity to continue to serve his local community.







Jack Holliss made his home in the area a year ago after graduating from Lancaster University with a degree in Economics & Politics and now works locally. He is passionate about protecting our local environment and wants to see improvements to sustainable public transport to help alleviate the chronic traffic problems in the area.


Ann Smith

Littledown &



Catherine Bishop is a mum of two. She grew up in Bournemouth and attended St James' school in Pokesdown followed by St. Peters secondary school. Catherine works part time at Bournemouth Hospital, where she also serves as a staff Governor.

Catherine has previous local authority experience having served as a Councillor for West Southbourne from 2003-2007. She would now love the opportunity to serve the local community once again.



Muiruri Coyne was born and raised in Bournemouth and has recently graduated from UCL with a degree in Politics. He lives in the ward and is keen to give something back to his home community.


  No Candidate - electoral arrangement with Green Party

Muscliff &
Strouden Park

  No Candidate

Queen’s Park




Lorraine Crouch



Gillian Pardy is currently the Chair of Bournemouth Liberal Democrats and has a wealth of experience in the party, not just in Bournemouth but right across the southwest of England.

Gillian has served as a Dorset County Councillor and believes that what the new Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole local authority needs is a blend of youth and experience bringing about a new vision that is informed by a healthy dose of pragmatism.

Redhill &





Heather Dalziel 




Philip Lucas  has lived and worked in the Bournemouth area for nearly twenty years,  and provides adult education in Aviation towards the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) commercial pilots licences and ratings. These licences are required across Europe by the aircrew that operate in the airline industry we rely upon, both for business and recreation.

Philip is keen to see a Liberal Democrat council or, at the very least, one that is more balanced, rather than the existing overwhelming Conservative majority. He is not a believer in making a "wish list" of election pledges, but believes all decisions should be based on facts and the availability of resources.

Philip is a very strong believer in working collaboratively and is a proud supporter of the UK’s full and continued membership of the European Union. He campaigns actively on this issue alongside fellow "remainers" from all political parties and none.




Talbot &
Branksome Woods





  David England



Matthew Gillett has lived in the ward for 14 years, it is where he and his wife have brought up their 3 children, who attended local schools. He volunteers at a local youth club, and is an active campaigner to preserve Talbot Heath from the developers,

Matt says ‘I was appalled when the local Tory candidates voted in favour of proposing an industrial estate style development on the northern portion of Talbot Heath, voting Liberal Democrat in this election is probably the last chance that the residents will have to stop this, I really hope they take this opportunity’




Jana Sadeh moved to Bournemouth 8 years ago to be with her, now, husband who was born and raised in Bournemouth. She has PhD in economics and lectures at the University of Southampton. Jana's background is in environmental economics, and she is very interested in making sure that we make wise choices to protect the environment for our children to enjoy.

Jana is committed to opposing future oil exploration in and around the conurbation, addressing the need for affordable housing, finding a better way to help improve the situation for homeless people and ensuring we increase the diversity of views on a council that sadly has been completely dominated by the Conservatives.

As an EU national Jana appreciates the cultural diversity and vibrancy of our town. She feels it is an amazing place to live but we should demand better for the people of Bournemouth.





Wallisdown &
Winton West









Ines Autonovic-Thomson has lived in the ward for more than ten years. She is a graduate of Bournemouth University with a Batchelor's degree in Business and a Master's degree in Corporate Communication. She is now a PR and Communications professional and co-founder of a family run digital IT Company.

Ines has worked for the United Nations, European Union missions and US development agencies on a range of international development projects and ethnic reconciliation programmes helping countries in transition towards democracy.

Ines sees the future of Bournemouth as one of change, enhanced diversity and development as an eco-friendly coastal community. She believes in taking a "joined-up" approach to planning, ensuring that any development takes into account the right balance of residential, business, leisure, transport and tourism infrastructure.

Ines is also determined to see the new council become a leader in the fight against climate change.


Martin Rodger

West Southbourne




Henry Castledine works in the marine industry. Having recently married he has chosen settle in West Southbourne. He has fallen in love with the area, especially the beaches and the easy access to the New Forest and the Purbecks.  In addition to being a committed campaigner for local issues he is a keen musician and likes a game of football!



Gary Mitchell has lived in West Southbourne since 1992 and has seen the area change over the years. He is a college lecturer, writer and historian. He is convinced that with major change coming to our local authority it's time the people of the ward had a more effective voice in the council chamber.

Westbourne &
West Cliff




Phoebe Castledine



Laura Young currently lives in West Cliff with her partner and has been a resident of the the ward for the last six years. She works in the area for a major financial services provider and has been an active campaigner in the Liberal Democrats for several years.

Laura decided to stand for election this year for the very first time as she cares deeply about the local area, especially Westbourne and its unique local businesses.

Winton East

  No Candidate - electoral arrangement with Green Party


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